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Hey y'all

My name is Marco Polo, well at least I feel like. I am the author and photographer behind Happy Face Traveller.
Since I left Switzerland in 2015 with a one-way ticket I am nonstop exploring the world and living out of my loved backpack to get in touch with locals, learn about other cultures, find untouched beaches, islands, hidden treasures, big cities and to see the world from a different perspective.
It’s time to share all my experience with you and inspire you to see our beautiful world and to live a life of your dreams by travelling!

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stay HAPPY

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Since more than 3 years I am travelling full-time. In 2018 I started my travel blog and social media platforms and I have invested months to build up everything. I spend a lot of time now everyday writing and editing my photos and blog, hoping that it will inspire you.

Now it is time to go to the next level!

I want to grow my platform and community and therefore it would be amazing if I could get a little help from you. Of course only if you are appreciating my work.

I travel on a tight budget and since this year I am doing as well volunteering to keep up my dream.
To deliver you more helpful information, better pictures and in the future hopefully as well videos, any donation would be amazing and so much appreciated. I would love to provide aerial drone shots from future destinations for you. With your help it might be possible.

Doesn’t matter how little the donation is, I will be the even happier Happy Face Traveller after! And I can give you more inspirations and insight information that you can travel as well.

You can support me and my work with any amount. You can also just support me by sharing my website, the Facebook page, Instagram account or talking about it to all the people around you. Start annoying them until they check it out.

Thank you, take care and stay happy